NBA 2K12 NBA Stats Tracker 0.11.4

Author: Leftos

is a basketball analysis tool. It allows you to add teams and players to a database and gather stats either by entering the box scores of each game, or by manually editing the stats yourself.

What the tool offers is deep analysis and comparison for every team and player, as well as league-wide overviews. It also features scouting reports in natural language which can help you prepare against an opponent you're unfamiliar with, get to know their strengths and weaknesses, as well as what trends come up out of their recent performances.

All analysis features can be applied to a season's stats, or any specific timeframe starting from days up to years.

Whenever you find yourself in a window that has a table with teams, players or box-scores in it, double-click on any of them to get to the overview screen of it.

Each database can keep data from multiple seasons. You can compare yearly averages, as well as compare results against a particular opponent over the years, for example.

This tool was originally made to offer a temporary workaround to the Association/ Season/My Player/Create A Legend team stats bug. Any game you entered and played would have the team stats of the teams that played in it all wrong afterwards. For example 85BPG, 92APG, 70RPG, etc. This really ruined the immersion the Association offers for those that like to play or even watch the games, instead of just simulating them from the Calendar. The Team Stats screen was wrong, the in-game overlays about the team were wrong. A mess. Even after the first console patches, 2K still hasn't fixed this issue.

Don't worry though.

If you have the patience to just enter the Box Score (just the team stats, the players' ones aren't required) in the tool after each game you play, it'll make sure that your Team Stats (and the other team's that you played against) will be correctly updated.



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