NBA 2K12 My Player ScreenShots (2011.09.09)


My Player Career of Ronnie2K - Outdoor Billboards: Thanks to a promising start, the Minnesota Timberwolves put dollars behind marketing their new star SG, Ronnie. All around the city, outdoor signage goes up. This is just one of the many prominent examples around town


My Player Career of Ronnie2K - Magazine Covers: As the legend of Ronnie grows, all the magazines are looking to throw his mug on the cover. Among many that he enjoys in his first few years in the NBA, few are as memorable as when he adorns the cover of Sports Illustrated |


My Player Career of Ronnie2K - Name, Customize, and Promote a Shoe: Among the companies that want Ronnie to endorse their product, he was given a lucrative deal to name his shoe. With permission from his childhood hero Michael Jordan and Brand Jordan, he names the shoe "Air Singh" and they become the hottest selling sneaks on the planet


My Player Career of Ronnie2K - TV Commercials: Now one of the brightest stars in the NBA, Ronnie is being brought on to do do commercials on behalf of the league. Of course, one of the most dramatic is his own "Where Amazing Happens" spot.


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