NBA 2K12 Miracle My Jersey Patches

Author: leftos



NOTE: The Mediafire link provided here will always point to the latest version, no need to check for new links. Just revisit the same link provided here.

Miracle My Jersey is ready! The second tool by me, Leftos, is finally here to help you get the Miracle Jersey effect (or any lighting effect you discover for that matter) on any jersey you want, from any modder, without any manual editing! You just select the jersey, or the folder that contains the jerseys you want to modify, click on Do Magic, and you're done! The tool even detects which jerseys are home and which are away, and has different preset profiles for each one. It also comes with 2K's presets for lighting, in case you don't like the effect or just want to get the jersey back to its original state.


The tool is still in beta. I've tested it in my environment, added the lighting effects to all 30 teams on JoeJames' updates, and went into the game to test that they work. Your mileage should be good, but may vary until I iron out any bugs. I do need your help in testing this tool as well. If something goes wrong, you can always revert the jersey to its original state, by using 2K's profiles, which are provided with the tool.

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