NBA 2K12: Managing the Heat

An owner of the Miami Heat in NBA 2K12 doesn’t have to do too much to get the franchise in position to compete for an NBA title. In the video game world this truly is a Dream Team, but that doesn’t mean the roster is good enough as is, even with the Shane Battier signing.

Here are a few moves that can be made to set the Heat up for greatness, this season and beyond.


Release Juwan Howard

A long, long time ago in an NBA galaxy far, far away, Howard was good. Howard, a 55-rated power forward, gives you absolutely nothing. Plus, it will give you an open roster spot for a certain gun-toting point guard, which leads to the next step.

Sign Gilbert Arenas

While there is no option in 2K12 to install metal detectors at the locker room door, signing Arenas is still a good move for the Heat. One of the team's weaknesses is the glaring hole at point. Sure, you have Mario Chalmers (69 overall rating), Eddie House (62) and rookie Norris Cole (64), but none of them provide the overall talent that Arenas can bring to South Beach.

Arenas signed at a reasonable price and to a one-year deal, which is a great bargain for someone who averaged nearly 30 points a short while ago. He is not a guy you want long-term, especially with Cole and his high potential waiting in the wings on your roster. However, Cole's ratings jump after the first year, especially if he is free to get valuable minutes as a backup to Arenas.

So with the signing of Arenas, House and Chalmers are both expendable which can lead to a certain trade:


Trade Chalmers and House to the Denver Nuggets for Chris Anderson and 2013 first-round pick

With Arenas and Cole, both Chalmers and House are no longer needed. A great feature in 2K12 is the trade finder and when you plug Chalmers into it and you get 29 offers. The best one, arguably, is the Nuggets' offering.


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