NBA 2K12 Keep My Mod v0.1.2 Beta

Author: Leftos

For reasons I've explained in detail in this thread, I've created this tool.

Starting with , 2K implemented a way to update game art and text (actually, any game file) silently, without the need for a patch, using the Online Data folder. However, the files 2K updates this way override any mods the user has installed, and there's no easy way for the user to make sure his mods override 2K's updates.

This tool tries to solve this problem, by letting the user select which mods to keep, and also gives modders a semi-automatic way of making sure their mods won't get overridden/replaced by 2K's updates. The tool waits for the game to finish downloading updates, and automatically replaces 2K's updated files with the modded files the user/modders have instructed the tool to.

Detailed instructions for both users and modders offered in the Readme file. Make sure you read it in full before asking questions that are already answered in it.

The tool is still in beta, so use it at your own risk. Make sure to keep a full backup of your NBA 2K12 folder inside %appdata%\2K Sports, in case something goes wrong.

Version History

v0.1.1 beta - Dec 27
- Fixed major startup bug
- Improved error checking throughout the application
v0.1 beta - Dec 26
- Initial release




Download Links:

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