NBA 2K12 Global V3 With SJ Hex Edits/ Longer Knee Pads And Thin Legs

Author: Like A Boss

What's Inside?
KW's 3D Models with longer knee pads & Shorter braces also Thin Legs
Mike All Together's Muscle Reduction
Gory's Accessories 5.0
KW's Adidas Ankle Brace
TNeckDME's Enhanced Pack V4 & The Sweat
SJ1414's Avengers Shadow Mod v2
Unknown Texture Maker: Carlos Boozer/Nene style leg sleeve and Carmelo Anthony style Calf Sleeve
Ricoy's Jordan 3rd Calf Sleeve (Yes It Is A Jordan Friendly Global)
MGX's Hex Pad Shorts
Sixers85 TNT Mod
Dmayne's Adidas D-Rose Accessory (Placed on Striped Socks)
Abin's Teeth And Headband Texture
Fliplaurel's Socks
BallerSkillz' Adidas Techfit Sleeve
Joejames' Better NBA Logo On Uniforms

Added Textures For V3
KW's 3D Edits
KW's Ankle Brace
SJ1414's Avengers Shadow Mod
BallerSkillz' Adidas Techfit Sleeve
TNeckDME's Sweat
Gory's McDavid Half Calf Sleeve



Download Links:

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