NBA 2K12 Global Editor (Edit Global Lighting)

Author: leftos

This tool was made to easily customize the Global lighting/shadowing effects discovered by tatlopuyo & JaoSming in the NLSC forums. If we find any other useful parameters, I'll add them as well.

The tool comes with the default 2K lighting profile. That profile is preset and can't be deleted. You can, however, create your own profiles for use with this tool, in case you've found some hex values that you think will work better. In order to do that:
1. Select the profile you want as your base.
2. Click on New and enter a new name for your profile.
3. Edit the values and click on Save.
Your profile will now be automatically loaded whenever you start the tool.

In case you screw up one of the default profiles, just select it, click on Delete, and then re-select it.

Whenever you load a global file, it automatically detects the lighting values and inserts them into the boxes for you.



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