NBA 2K12 Enhanced Series V4

Author: TNeckDME

Enhanced Skin: This aims to improve the detail of the arm and leg textures, especially in comparison to the cyberfaces. To do this, I've adjusted the intensity of the arm/leg normal maps, and added a subtle skin overlay to each of their normal and AO maps. It also breaks up the default sweaty gloss effect on the arms.

Update V4: Added more detail to leg textures; toned down muscle effect on ripped leg texture variants.


Enhanced Gear: This mod darkens the gear to better match dark/colored jerseys better (but not too dark to the point where the white textures look gray). It also adds more shading detail to the gear textures.

Update V4: Accessories that were showing up gray when set to white should now be much more white.


Enhanced Suits: This mod simply adds a bit of color variety to the coaches' suits. The pants and buttons on the suit top are now colored differently.

Update V4: Improved suit design, shading and specular textures. Pants now match suit jackets much more closely.


Download Links:

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