NBA 2K12 DhiJay's Supreme Global V3 & Khowel24 Shadow Mod

Author: DhiJay23

NOTE: This is my personal global that i wanted to share and i forgot whose global that i used as a base since i using it for a long time and just update when files come so Credits to All Modders with MUCH RESPECT. Peace.











Thing's Included In The Global
gOry's Textures In The Global

Towel-Like Forearm/Arm & Elbow Band
Shoulder Sleeve Padded
Short Arm Sleeve
Knee Brace
Knee Sleeve
Many more latest Accessories

Threeq's Textures In The Global

Knee Pad
Padded Arm Sleeve
Half Calf Sleeve

TneckDME Textures In The Global

Enhanced Pack V4
Enhanced Accessories
Enhanced Suits (Black)
Enhanced Eyes
Enhanced Skin

Sixers85 Textures In The Global

TNT Experience Mod

BS' Textures In The Global

Adidas Tech-fit Sleeve V2

Adidas Speed Wrap Ankle Brace

Abin's Textures In The Global


Michaelvlutz49's Textures In The Global


Khowel24's Textures In The Global

Khowel24's Shadow Mod V3

(Unknown Author) Textures In The Global

Carlos Boozer Style Leg Sleeve
Mike Bibby Style 3rd Calf Sleeve

Dmayne's Textures In The Global

Adidas D-Rose Accessory (Placed On Striped Socks)

Joejames' Textures In The Global

Better NBA Logo

Mike All Together's Textures In The Global

Muscle Reduction Patch
My Personal Textures Added For Version 3

Texture's Added

Realistic Techfit Sleeve V2 by BallerSkillz
Adidas SpeedWrap by BallerSkillz
Progressive Sweat by Michaelvlutz49
Default Socks With Stripes (Used in College Tournaments)
Nike Long Socks With Stripes (Used in College Tournaments)
Nike Sleeves (Used in College Tournaments)

Download Links:

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