NBA 2K12 Demo - Multiple Signature Gathers

It looks like there might be a signature gather package now. Dirk has several different kinds of signature gathers.

To do them, hold the left trigger and move the right stick in the direction of the rim. Move the right stick in other directions for other variations.

Try them at a stand still or when you are moving and you will see even more variations. You can also use them to pump fake. If you let go of the right stick before the shot your player won't jump.

The old Y step back move has also been moved to the LT + right stick combo. Just move the right stick away from the basket to do the old step back moves.

Time stamps for examples

0:00 Dirk's main gather
1:23 2 dribble variation
2:00 Behind the back gather for dirk?
2:44 Pump fake examples
3:38 Jason Kidd's example

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