NBA 2K12 Cyber Faces Textures Importer / Exporter V 1.0

Author: Ariel

This tool helps you to export / import textures from Cyber Faces.


V 1.0
Now you can import hair ( facial hair too ). Mipmaps works 100%.

V 0.9
Improved exporting / importing method.
All faces working including Marvin Williams, Kevin Garnett, and others reported as corrupted when exported.

V 0.8
Improved exporting / importing method.
More faces working ( 95 % ).


- Browse for cyber faces in your NBA 2K12 main folder.
- Select a Cyber Face.
- Click extract.
- In Cyber Faces Texutres Exporter Importer ( CFTEI ) folder you will find a folder named as the cyber face that includes .iff file decompressed and all textures.

Example :
If you extracted textures from face png0195.iff in your CFTEI folder you will find a folder named png0195 that includes all files.

- After you made the changes just click on Import and all textures from folder will be imported.
- Both files will be updated. The one inside folder and the one in NBA 2K12 folder ( original file will be backuped )

How to save textures
texture 0 . DXT1
texture 1 . DXT5
texture 2 . DXT1
texture 3 . DXT5
texture 4 . DXT1
texture 5 . DXT5
texture 6 . ARGB 32 bpp unsigned

Author : Ariel
Thanks to Stelios and Jorge for their help.

This software is distributed "as is". We hold harmless of any possible misconfiguration or error this program may cause in your computer.



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