NBA 2K12 Correct Team Stats 0.1 Beta


This tool was made to offer a temporary workaround to the Association/ Season/My Player/Create A Legend team stats bug. Any game you entered and played would have the team stats of the teams that played in it all wrong afterwards. For example 85BPG, 92APG, 70RPG, etc. This really ruined the immersion the Association offers for those that like to play or even watch the games, instead of just simulating them from the Calendar. The Team Stats screen was wrong, the in-game overlays about the team were wrong. A mess. Even after the first console patches, 2K still hasn't fixed this issue.

Don't worry though.

If you have the patience to just enter the Box Score (just the team stats, not the players'), in the tool after each game you play, it'll make sure that your Team Stats (and the other team's that you played against) will be correctly updated.


After a hard day's work and 12 hours of finding the hex values and coding the tool, it's finally here. Correct Team Stats has been released and if you use it with a new Association, making sure you use it for every game you play or watch, your team's (and your opponent's) stats should be updated correctly.

How To Use

Just follow these steps:
1. From in-game, select Play Game, and let it save your career.
2. Alt-Tab out of the game and into the tool, click on Select, load your Career file, and click on Save Team Stats.
3. Pick a name, any name for the temporary Team Stats file.
e.g. "Pistons Association, Jan 3rd, vs Lakers"
It doesn't have to be this descriptive, just something to help you remember it.
4. Alt-Tab into the game and play it or watch it, then after it's done let it save your association again.
5. Alt-Tab into the tool, and click on Load & Update Team Stats. Select the Team Stats file that you saved in Step 3.
6. Enter the Box Score (you may want to note it down on a piece of paper to avoid Alt-Tabbing all the time), click OK.
7. Choose the Career file you're playing in the new dialog.
8. You're done!


The tool has only been tested with Association (*.FXG) files. I'm not saying it's not compatible with other kind of Career files, I'm saying I haven't tested it yet. Soon I'll be making sure it's compatible with all Career files.


The tool is still in beta. I've tested it in my environment, on my Association files and it seems to work perfectly. If you encounter any problems, you'll find a backup of your Association in the Saves folder.

Keep one thing in mind however...


I won't take any responsibility if this tool messes up your Saves. You've been warned.



The tool's main screen. It's really simplistic now, and allows you to choose which Career file you want to Save the stats from to update them later, and also preview them.


The Box Score screen which allows you to enter the box score required to update the Team Stats after you play each game.

Download Links:

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