NBA 2K12 All-Time Chicago Bulls and All-Time Los Angeles Lakers Teams V1.0

Author: HAWK23

All Bulls.TMM and All Lakers.TMM

You need to place both files in your SAVES folder typically located:
C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\\Saves

Then run NBA 2k12 load the roster you want the teams located in, then load the teams.

Enjoy - share/distribute/edit as you would like.

Bulls Roster:

PG-Derrick Rose
SG-Michael Jordan
SF-Scottie Pippen
PF-Dennis Rodman
C-Artis Gilmore
6-Horace Grant
7-Bob Love
8-Chet Walker
9-Jerry Sloan
10-Toni Kukoc
11-Norm Van Lier
12-John Paxson
IR-BJ Armstrong
IR-Bill Cartwright
IR-Steve Kerr

Lakers Roster:

PG-Magic Johnson
SG-Kobe Bryant
SF-Elgin Baylor
PF-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
C-Wilt Chamberlain
6-Shaq O'Neal
7-Jerry West
8-James Worthy
9-Pau Gasol
10-Gail Goodrich
11-Michael Cooper
12-AC Green
IR-Byron Scott
IR-Kurt Rambis



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