NBA 2K12 Albys Roster Update 01.16

Author: Albys

New features RR 1.3:
- Real Nba roster 1/16/2012 (also added Barron to Warriors)
- Added a lot of new players in F.A.: Brandon Roy, Yao Ming, Sheed Wallace, Iverson, Brooks, Weems, Douglas-Roberts, Azubuike, Vujacic, Jeter, Mills, McDyess, Dorsey, J. Powell, Bonzi Wells, Stojakovic, Shakur and many more!
- Realistic rotation and starting five
- Updated overall players (90% players), based on 2011-2012 real nba performance ( stats)
- updated some player tendencies
- updated real sighsots and dunk/layup packages + isomoves for more than 200 players!!!! Credits to 1Rose, Hoopjunkie, Jaysmoov, Batum Shaka Laka for great work! This is a great feature, because the players now is again more real!
- fixed some bodies (like Fesenko, Rondo)
- fixed skintone legs Derrick Williams
- improved rookies personality
- updated some shoes color and models, and also updated accessories (complete work in RR 1.4 or RR 2.0 - end january)
- perfect compatibility with "UTP portraits pack 3"
- some sliders tweaks
- various fix and tweaks for better gameplay and better association mode.
- new players have portraits and real face.

simply install RealisticRoster13.ROS and RR1sliders.SLD in your saves folder.
Start the game, go to save / load option, set update roster OFF (ALWAYS! very important!) and save settings.
Now load Albys Realistic Roster13 and RR1 sliders.

For very great gameplay, these are perfect settings:
ALL STAR level
speed game: 47-48
FG: shot timing (or real %, more hard)
FT: real %

game audio option:
95 (commentary)
85 (effects)

This is a third release of Albys Realistic Roster.
Update every week.
Thanks to my italian friend and official partner Redssimon for support!

Sorry for my poor english, ciao from Italy!

Download Links:

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