NBA 2K12 Albys Realistic Roster 2.0

Author: Albys



New features RR 2.0:
- Real Nba roster 2/14/2012 with new signes and contracts: All NBA real players and some other missing
- Complete update overall and tendencies for 90% nba players and 75% free agent, based on advanced real nba 2012 performance and stats (, and many more)
- updated real sigshots, isomoves and all dunk/layup packages
- Fixed some bodies-muscular
- real headbands and sock color for all teams (home/away/alternate)!
- real color accessories based on King12 work.
- real accessories for more than 70% players!
- updated colors and model for shoes (with some pshoes)
- update all role players, contracts, potential and character for a perfect association!
- new real color scoreboard colors!
- All star game 2012 East and West roster!
- other fixes and improvements for graphics and gameplay
- fixed Denver jersey collar

- totally gameplay revision, great results with new features:
- new coach profiles based on real stats 2012.
- new playbooks for all team! Now all teams have 50 real plays (!), and no more plays break down! Thanks to Vannwolfhawks.
- new sliders for real nba game-style; two version: Sim and SuperSim (more hard)
- plays assigned for every players!

... and also real Jeremy Lin!

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