NBA 2K12 1997-1998 NBA Roster V2.0

Author: Inbar/Stomp/HAWK23

This is Version 2.0 of the 1997-1998 Mod created by Inbar/StomptheCourt. I (HAWK23) have gone ahead with permission from Inbar and made this mod compatible with NBA2KUpdates AND the Ultimate Base Roster. I did this by renaming files to ensure normal files will not be overwritten. What this means is these files will not replace any current NBA team files so you can put all these files in your folders without worrying about it messing anything up for current NBA teams. There will also be NO conflicts with the Ultimate Base Roster, so feel free to install all files (and click yes to "overwrite") without fear of screwing anything up anything with the Ultimate Base Roster.

In addition to the new compatibility features I've also done the following:

*Removed the Bobcats from the roster
*Added the real 1997-1998 East and West All-Star Teams
*Added the real 1997-1998 East and West Rookie Teams
*Fixed an issue with the rookie team courts not showing up
*Fixed a few player ages that were incorrect
*Fixed a few jersey lengths that were incorrect



Download Links:

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