NBA 2K12 1992 Dream Team 2.0 Rosters

Author: HAWK23

What's new in version 2?
- Announcers no longer say "Chicago Bulls" when referencing the Dream Team
- Real Team USA Logos (instead of custom logo)
- Real Team USA Logos on Court (instead of custom logo)
- Real Team USA Logos on Jerseys (instead of custom logo)
- All Ages and Years Pro Accurate as of 1992
- Rotations Edited (More Accurate)
- Coaching Profile Edited (More Accurate Pace / Play Calling)
- Added Charles Barkley Cyberface (Courtesy STOMPTHECOURT Via Chinese Boards)

1992 Dream Team Roster:
PG - Magic Johnson
SG-Michael Jordan
SF-Larry Bird
PF-Charles Barkley
C-David Robinson
6-Clyde Drexler
7-Karl Malone
8-Scottie Pippen
9-John Stockton
10-Patrick Ewing
11-Chris Mullin
12-Christian Laettner



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