NBA 2K11 REDitor II Release 9

Author: Vl@d Zola Jr.

New in Release 9:

- !Added: Support for MLB 2K11 Roster (ROS) file:
--- Players Tab: Names, Bio (Height, Weight, Birth Date), Status (Is Free Agent, Injury Days Left, DL Status, DL Days Left), Abilities, Tendencies
- Changed: Height, Weight, Team Chemistry and Record's Value are now represented as reals, not integers
- Fixed: Bug, which led to messed up names of players, drafted during Association / My Player
- Fixed: Glitch, which could potentially cause some links to become weird after deleting records
- Fixed: Glitch, which could save GLftHand values on Player's Tab in Tables as if they were set to 0
- Fixed: Glitch with Free Agents List
- Added: Support for NBA 2K11 Draft Class (FDC) files (Developer and Guru licenses only)

Download Links:

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