NBA 2K REDitor II 3.1

Author: Vl@d Zola Jr.



This is the tool, which will help you to edit roster files for 12 (PC) and MLB 2K11 (PC), as well as 11 (PC and XBox 360) and 10 (PC)!

New in v3.1:
- Added: Name Order, Name Show Type, Bird Years, Use Custom Shoes parameters are now editable for NBA 2K12 PC Tables
- Added: Player Statistics made editable for MLB 2K11 PC Tables
- Changed: Tutorial updated
- Changed: Various visual, interface and perfomance updates, fixes and optimizations
- Fixed: Glitch, when files were sometimes loaded in Free license mode (despite the registered key), if opened immediately after the tool was launched.
- Fixed: Bug, when pasting an empty string into a cell caused pasting to go wrong
- Fixed: Synchronization problems between cloning and MyFriend Panel
- Fixed: Glitch, when 2K12 files couldn't be correctly opened on systems with 16+Gb RAM

Download Links:

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