Michael Jordan on My Player for NBA 2K10

Ken-Fly made perfect Michael Jordan patches for NBA 2K10, but some friends don?t know how to use Michael Jordan on My Player mode, so we make a patch, just use in My Player mode!

It's great to get Jordan himself into NBA 2K10 without any hassle, so these patches should help you get it done without too much hassle, as it can be a real pain to have to go back and attempt to fix a bad patch.

Hopefully this will help you get MJ patched and ready to go in no more time than it takes for you to comment on the article or head back to poker.dk as the game patches and you wait to take the legendary baller onto the court. So take a look and if you have any problems, read the comments threads or leave a comment of your own.


Michael Jordan on My Player Mode Patch for NBA 2K10

Michael Jordan on My Player Mode Patch for NBA 2K10

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