IFF Editor Beta8

Download link:

Waiting , I'll release it in the near future....not at this time.


1. 3DM cracked the files for us and we need to thanks them,so if you are willing,you can add Thanks 3DM in your posts of the patches.

2. We bought the copyrights of this tool, so now it is free to you all.But...I just want to say that if you make patches with our tool, I can post our patches in our site NBA-2K.COM without permission.By the way, I'll add the author infomation.

3.Tha't all.Thank you for your support and maybe I'll leave the Internet for some time because the thing happened befor really made me sad.

I'm so disappointed now.Please comprehend me.


If you want to join us please click the Register and contact me ,then you will be an author of our site and you can post your patches here.


NBA 2K9 belongs to 2K Sports and you players,not only belongs to us. If you like this game, please buy it and we expect NBA 2K10 will be in PC.


video tutorial(rename it as .wmv)


there's a .exe version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RZRZXK28

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