All 31 Signature Skills in NBA 2K13 Revealed


2K Sports has just released the written breakdown of all 31 NBA 2K13 Signature Skills

Q: Why create these Signature Skills for 2K13 when you already have several attributes in 2K12?

A: We felt that our existing attribute and tendency system quite didn’t lend itself well enough to various situational moments that happen in basketball, nor did it help identify very specialized players. Outlet passes, winning charge calls, staying hot through in-game breaks, etc, are just a few areas where our attributes system failed to give you what you need. We’re now able to dig deeper into these situations to allow players stand out where they’re most known. Let’s take shot blocking for example. LeBron James is well-known as the best chase down blocker in the league. In 2K12, when you were in a chase down situation, LeBron was unable to block the shot from behind as much as we’d like him to because he had only a 60-ish Block attribute. With the inclusion of the new Sig Skill, Chase Down Artist, we’re now able to give him the types of skills he needs to embarrass the unsuspecting shooter, without having to artificially raise his Block attribute (which would then allow him to block shots in areas he’s not known for). There are reasons like this for every skill created, which is why we’re bringing this feature to you for NBA 2K13.

Here is a list of all 31 signature skills.

Highlight Film
Spot Up Shooter
Shot Creator
Corner Specialist
Post Proficiency
Ankle Breaker
Post Playmaker
Break Starter
Brick Wall
Lockdown Defender
Charge Card
Pick Pocket
Active Hands
Chase Down Artist
Hustle Points
Heat Retention
Floor General
Defensive Anchor

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