2kcn - 25 courts patches in one

Sorry, we have to pause our patches plans.

But we will restart our courts patches soon. Because.....I'm having holiday now..

Give you guys a gift

25 courts patches in one:


The .rar files' password is : nba2k.cn

Overwrite the .iff file in the folder and run the game!
Please backup by yourself.

==========Copy Rights==================

1.Thank 3DM(http://3dmgame.chnren.com/bbs/) cracks the iff files.

2.The contents in this download can in no way used for business use.
? Please support the original.

3.Welcome to nba-2k.com


  • 2KCN - NBA 2K9 Real Courts Beta V1.part01.rar
  • 2KCN - NBA 2K9 Real Courts Beta V1.part02.rar
  • 2KCN - NBA 2K9 Real Courts Beta V1.part03.rar
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