2K Sports Expecting to Make a Big NBA 2K13 Announcement in the Next Couple of Weeks


According to Ronnie2K's Twitter feed, 2K Sports will have a big NBA 2K13 announcement in the next couple of weeks.

We never really do anything at E3 as you guys know but I am definitely going to try to give an insider look at the show, more than last yr

Having said that, we're expecting to make a big #NBA2K13 announcement in the next coupla weeks that I am fairly confident will impress you

Of course, it's my subjective opinion. What I think is cool may not be what you think is cool. But some exciting stuff is going down this yr

What impresses people is different for everyone. But I think our most hardcore fans will like what we have in store.

With that, I am out. See you tomorrow.

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