NBA 2K12 PC Online Data Update Problem and Workaround

For any of you who have launched NBA 2K12 on your PC today, you may have downloaded a problematic update that includes files intended for the PS3 version of NBA 2K12 and not the PC version. The NBA 2K development team is aware of the issue but until a fix is implemented, there is a workaround for those who are having problems running the game detailed below.

1. Go into the %APPDATA%2K SportsNBA 2K12Online Data folder.
2. Delete the downloads subfolder.
3. Either…
3a. Disconnect the internet whenever you start NBA 2K12.
3b. Or create a firewall rule that will disable all internet access for NBA 2K12.

You can also download the latest Official Updates from our Downloads section to replace all the files that you deleted.

Official NBA 2K12 Roster (12.02.26)

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