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NBA 2K11 Kova's Final Rosters

Update: 2010.03.08 Author: Kova This is my final roster update for now.. I fixed the heights problem. All-star, rookie-soph rosters are now visible on quick game menu.. THIS update is compatibile with ramza's global, which is in my opinion just brilliant! Check it out!

NBA 2K11 Juza & Kova Roster

Update: 2011.03.10 Author: Juza & Kova Realistic ratings and tendencies from Juza's calculations, accurate statistics Realistic gear and players accessories and updated contracts Realistic teams headband and accessories colors Realistic rosters Realistic shoes Super global pack from ramza00 (collected threeq's and gory's stuff) Realistic

NBA 2K11 REDitor II Release 9

Author: Vl@d Zola Jr. New in Release 9: - !Added: Support for MLB 2K11 Roster (ROS) file: --- Players Tab: Names, Bio (Height, Weight, Birth Date), Status (Is Free Agent, Injury Days Left, DL Status, DL Days Left), Abilities, Tendencies - Changed: Height, Weight,

NBA 2K11 Realistic Gameplay Mod V7

Author: johndoe22 * The player movements are more realistic * The Player movements are very heavy and a tad slower. ITS VERY HEAVY * Turbo speed (only when you dribble the ball) has increased. No jogging when bursting to the rim Previews (Click to

NBA 2K12 Soundtrack Contest

Win your way onto the NBA 2K12 soundtrack and stage at Duck Down’s fall CMJ Showcase in NYC 2K Sports and Duck Down Music announced today that the NBA® 2K12 producer and MC contests have officially begun. Aspiring producers and MCs will be able

NBA 2K11: Tell Me

Author: MessenjahMatt Online Video: Another fantastic Michael Jordan Nike/Jumpman commercial recreated in NBA 2K11. A lot of work went into this one, as I had to replace the background for every shot. Mostly because I wanted lower angles that aren't possible with the replay