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Team Shohoku Patches for NBA 2K10

We believe that SlamDunk Patches for NBA 2K10 is coming soon~! Author: Ken-Fly Preview: Players' face IDs list: (You can use them on My Player Mode) png994.iff Ryota Miyagi png995.iff Takenori Akagi png996.iff Mitsui Hisashi png997.iff Sakuragi Hanamichi png998.iff Rukawa Kaede How to use

Something About 99 Rated Players on Online Mode

From: 2K Admin Ron said: Hey guys, We have begun the process of banning the 99 rated players. It is very easy for us to differentiate who acquired their player legitley and who hacked their files so it should be a quick turnaround.

NBA 2K10 PC Offical Patches Update

From: 2K Admin Ron said: Guys, Like I have said countless times in the other subforum, a patch is coming for the PC. I imagine they want to combine everything for the console (pretty simple port) and the outstanding issues as they isolate

NBA 2K10 All Players' Face IDs

Author: py8792563 You can use Ctrl + F to search one player ! Number Name Face ID 0 Williams Louis 1307 1 Iguodala Andre 1158 2 Young Thaddeus 1421 3 Brand Elton 550 4 Dalembert Samuel 826 5 Speights Marreese 1522